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By | June 16, 2014

Pratik Dholakiya said “Google’s guidelines have made it very clear that any links intended to manipulate Page Rank can be considered part of a link scheme.” As SEOs, it is our job is to manipulate rankings on Google for clients, meaning the very nature of search engine optimization violates Google’s terms of service. True White Hat SEO involves creating content and hoping for links. If you build a single link to your site you are no longer “White Hat”. That being said, today I am going to show you how to build your own private network of websites and rank for a keyword for under $100.

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Building Free Blog Sites   

The first step is to build blogs on popular sites such as Blogger, WordPress, and Wix. Add five or six original articles to each site that are between 500-750 words each and link out to a few related authority sites. Do not link to your website from them at this time. If you are not a good writer, head over to My Blog Guest, setup your profile and let people know you are looking for guest authors. It may be rough at first since you have a new blog, but stick with it and you can still get some great guest posts for free. Since the author will include a link to their site and a social profile, that will also help with the natural outbound linking.

Buying Domains at Auction

To inject some link juice and authority into your new network you need to buy some aged domains. Head over to expireddomains.net (free) or a similar site and conduct a search for domain names at auction. I prefer to buy Go Daddy expired domains. When I am searching for domains I like to use the following steps to find good candidate sites.

  • Filter out any site with less than 200 inbound links or a Page Rank of less than 2.
  • Check the trust flow of the domain. Head over to Majestic SEO and use the free option to check the trust flow, I only choose sites rating 15 or higher.
  • Verify that the Page Rank displayed in expireddomains.net is accurate. You can do this at www.prchecker.info
  • Next check the backlink profile. For this I use Open Site Explorer from Moz.com.  You need to make sure that a majority of the links are not all from one site.
  • Check the anchor texts. Look for keyword over optimization and spam filled anchor texts.

If the site passes all of those tests, then place a bid for the site. Visit Go Daddy and sign up for the auction service. This will set you back $5 for the year. Once you have done that, place your bids for each site that passed the pre-screening. You can get a good PR2 domain for about $30.  Just the other day I bought redsy.com for only $27 and it is PR2 with a trust flow of 15. With a little luck and a few bids you can get a couple good sites for about $25-$30 each. Register them for one year and spring for the private registration option ($8 per domain). If you’re keeping tracking that brings us to $81 so far.

Assembling the Pieces of Your Network 

Quick review, we now have at least three free blogs setup and we own two domain names. For about $12 a month you will be able to get a hosting account for each of your two domains. I like to make actual websites at the domains instead of just blogs. So make up a company that offers a service in your niche and populate some content on the main page. Setup a blog on your website and head back over to My Blog Guest and let people know you are searching for writers.

If all goes well, you should be able to get new content regularly for all five or more of your sites from guest posts. This creates a very natural looking outbound link profile. Once you have filled the two domains with unique content, link one of them directly to your website using your preferred anchor text. Return to your free blogs now and link them to the two domains you bought using generic anchors or naked URLS. The second domain name you own should be pointed to guest posts you have made on relevant and authoritative sites and to your main site. This will add a large number of diverse outbound links and will send a portion of the link juice to your main site as well without leaving and easily traceable footprint. This should also boost referral traffic to your main site. Do not link the purchased domains to each other!  You can repeat this entire process as many times as needed to rank for any keyword.

Black Hat Tip                   

Do not use this last step on client sites or any site you cannot sacrifice. As the final step you can head over to a website like Fiverr and buy an automated link blasts that offers diverse keywords and assorted link types. Choose some generic keywords and some branded keywords, and then have them blast the free blogs you created. Tiered link building will help you add more link juice to your network while reducing risks through the use of buffer sites. That brings us to the grand total of $98. Use the last $2 to by a coffee and relax while your rankings increase. SEOs 1, Matt Cutts-0

Travis Bliffen is the senior link builder and founder of Stellar SEO , a St Louis based marketing agency specializing in local search optimization. Mr. Bliffen has been featured on several websites like Website Magazine and enjoys guest posting about various marketing tactics. If you’re reading this Matt Cutts, I would never violate your terms of service…..

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