Circle of friends contains an awkward love triangle

By | May 1, 2014

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I have a good friend, “Judy,” who is in a shaky engagement where she’s trying to sort through a lot of issues with the guy, “Andy.” She is battling lingering feelings she has for her best guy friend, “James,” which become stronger when she is fighting with Andy (the guys are exact opposites).

To make it more complicated, James is interested in me, and I am interested in him. I would never make a move. However, James recently asked me on a date (I am newly single). I said no, being loyal to Judy. She got mad at him for asking me out and confessed her feelings. He does not feel the same way toward her, feels awkward and is distancing himself from her.

Her relationship with Andy has since gotten much stronger and seems to be on the permanent up and up.

Is there ever going to be an appropriate time where Judy and James have distanced themselves enough from each other, and Judy is satisfied enough with her relationship with Andy, that I can ask permission to give it a go with James? I would be content if she answered “No!,” but my friends say Judy has no right to block James from me since she is engaged, etc.


Are you all fish in an aquarium, and you dictated the letter to your human keeper?

I’ll try answering bottom to top:

●Your friends are right, Judy has no right to insist you and James can’t date.

●You can, out of respect… read more

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Editor’s note.

In todays world relationships encounter so many problems every day. Everybody give up to quickly. We are used to replace our partners like we replace broken things. But relationship can be fixed. No matter what kind of problem it is.

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