Creditinfocenter Releases iPhone Credit Repair App

By | June 24, 2014

PHOENIX, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Credit Info Center, the leader in online personal finance self-help information, announces the release of a free credit repair iPhone app. The app allows users to browse through the process of credit repair, which are divided into four easy-to-understand steps. In addition to the iPhone, the new Credit Repair App can be used on the iPad, including the new iPad 3.

“Credit Repair is actually a simple process, one you can handle on your own,” says Kristy Welsh, editor of Creditinfocenter and CEO of Creditinfocenter’s parent company Web Nation, Inc. Welsh says the app will help make the process of fixing your credit report less overwhelming. “The app, which has Internet links to additional free information on Creditinfocenter, helps to make the process of credit repair less intimidating by diving things into four easy steps.”

Experts tend to agree with Welsh – that credit repair is something anyone can do on their own. “It’s a matter of getting your credit report, writing letters, reviewing the results and repeating the process until you achieve the desired outcome,” explains Welsh. “The credit repair app explains each task in detail, leaving the user with no doubt on how to proceed in the credit score improvement process.”

The app was designed to be a mirror image of the credit repair app Creditinfocenter designed for Android. In addition, the entire credit repair procedure is documented extensively on, free of charge. The app is intended as a supplement to the online documentation which is arguably one of the most complete free information sources available online. Both the iPhone and Android apps serve as a hand held credit repair “cheat sheet” that serves as an easy reference guide with quick access to important steps in the process.


Founded in 1997, ( is a free one-stop destination for consumers looking for free advice on repairing and rebuilding bad credit. It advocates the self-help approach to credit and debt management. Kristy Welsh is the author of several books on personal finance, including Good Credit Is Sexy, a tongue-in-cheek guide to managing your credit.

SOURCE Credit Info Center

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