European Craftsmanship and Australian Design Meet in Edwin Pireh’s Handmade Collection of Scarves and Ties

By | February 27, 2014

Edwin Pireh has found the balance between affordability and quality, offering one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted by Europe’s finest artisans.

SYDNEY, Australia, Feb. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Australian designer Edwin Pireh has the joy of welcoming to his team two silk houses based out of England and Italy. When Edwin Pireh made the bold decision to focus on luxury pieces rather than mass production, the designer required weavers and printers with as much passion as he had to help make his goal a reality. After finding two European silk houses that believed in quality craftsmanship as strongly as he did, they embarked on an exclusive partnership to offer his customers the designs they love with one-of-a-kind beauty.

The silk mills Edwin Pireh chose to partner with represent the fine quality customers have come to expect from the designer. The England silk mill has a company history of over 300 years, while the Italian printers have over 100 years of experience. With four centuries of practice between the two, these artisans have mastered the techniques necessary to provide the long-lasting quality Edwin Pireh expects from each of his pieces.

The contemporary collection maintains its consistency by ensuring its ties and scarves are handcrafted in England and Italy. The ties are 60 grams of luxury, each constructed from Jacquard woven silk with a pure wool interlining and an 8 cm blade. They measure 90cm x 90cm with a 21 momme weight, showing the excellence in quality of the silk being used.

Also of note, the designer recently launched a collection of contemporary artwork that reflects the colour and imagination of Edwin Pireh.

Australia’s premier designer of luxury fashion, Edwin Pireh offers a contemporary collection of handmade ties and scarves as part of their collaboration with Europe’s finest silk mills, weavers and printers. Always striking a balance between the classic and the modern, Edwin Pireh continually looks to expand his collection of sophisticated, elegant and charming ties and scarves for the persons of discriminating taste. Visit online at or on Facebook at

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