Fashion Bomber of the Day: Uche from Texas

By | February 27, 2014

We’re continuing our Bomber/Bombshell blitz with Uche from Texas:

He says, “My style is one word, Uche. Its sexy, its intriguing, its comfortable, and most importantly its Uche. Uche is Nigerian for sexy…. lol JK. But seriously, the most important thing about style I’ve come to find is being able to evolve.”

” The way I dress now is certainly not the way I dressed last year, and it probably wont be the way I’ll dress next year. You have to constantly revamp your self as you get older and come in contact with different situations and experiences.”

” As a model/actor/designer/musician/writer/OVERALL JUST A DAMN ARTIST studying to be a doctor, I’ve got quite a wide range of perspectives.”

“In all that I do, I try my very best to look like a gentleman. My style is overall reflective of my Nigerian and American upbringing. My life is filled with rich imagery, contemporary diction, and traditional aesthetic; my style reflects that.”

“I completely understand the need for men to select loud vibrant colors in their desire to be different and unique, but I don’t think its about the colors and how tight the jeans you wear that really make you stand out; rather, what matters the most is your confidence and your swagger.”

“Swagger has no language; I can wear a style in China or in Belgium, and still look good with ease.”

“No matter what you have on, a stranger should be able to say “wow, that person looks good, not because your colors are loud and attention grabbing, BUT because of the simple fact that to that stranger, you present yourself well, and you carry yourself confidently. I am a firm believer in “men dressing like men”. And as such, I employ what I like to think of as the GQ (Gentlemen Quarterly) principle; Ties, blazers, vests, cardigans, fitted suits, form fitting trousers, fedora hats, Ray ban sunglasses, Ray ban nerd glasses(i’m blind without these, they are actually prescription glasses), Dark colored scarves, leather belts, Ralph Lauren boots, leather watches (Fossil), rosaries (I’m 100% catholic), colorful socks, v necks, polo shirts, boating shoes (Sperry topsiders), and a host of other things.”

“I am an upcoming clothing designer, based in the U.S, BUT I am in school to be a medical doctor. By God’s endless grace, my future clothing projects in fashion will grab the attention of fashion lovers all over, and not one specific region.”

My favorite designer is Ralph Lauren, and every outfit you see me in, probably has one article of Ralph Lauren. I like colors that are conservative, like blue, red, and brown, BUT don’t be too surprised if you see me in a pink shirt or some orange shorts; I like to keep things fresh.”

I am an art lover, vintage collector, fashion connoisseur, manly man with a heightened sense of style, and I strongly believe all of this is projected by just a mere glance at my style.”

“The best accessory any man can have is a beautiful woman/queen on his side. I’m still trying to find that.”

Well, alright Uche! I’m sure you’ll find many candidates in the comments section. Your impeccable style and verbose style description speak for themselves.
What do you think?

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