Introducing Automated GPS Accessory For Nikon Digital Cameras: The Promote GPS

By | May 29, 2014

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Promote Systems today introduced the Promote GPS, an electronic accessory for digital SLR cameras that further expands photographers’ creativity.

By using the new Promote GPS along with a digital SLR camera, a photographer can automatically and easily embed latitude and longitude coordinates into the electronic code of a digital photograph. Embedding such geographic information into digital photographs is called “geotagging”.

Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers have skyrocketed in popularity and are daily used by millions of people in cars and on smart phones to plot locations and to obtain directions. Now with the Promote GPS, photographers can choose a significantly easier method to add GPS capability to a digital camera.

With many other devices, photographers have to perform additional processing to include location data with their photos. By using the Promote GPS, the information is recorded automatically and no additional processing is required.

“I’ve been working with GPS units from Nikon and other manufacturers for years on my D2x and the Promote GPS is the best I have found. It puts other systems to shame with its combination of small size, ease of use and stability of signal,” said Stan Sholik, a leading commercial photographer. Stan has worked as a commercial, advertising and illustrative photographer for more than three decades. His website is

As professionals and amateurs take multitudes of digital photographs, the ability to automatically “geotag” will help categorize and organize photos for collections and for online sharing. “Geotagging” digital photos will also change the way individuals and companies organize, share and market photos. Popular websites such as Flickr and Google Maps and Google Earth already recognize “geotagged” photos.

“Photographers have always captured what they see and how they see it. Now they can expand the dimensions of their images by automatically capturing when and where they saw it. Attaching images to maps and timelines creates a compelling viewing experience and Promote GPS makes it all very easy,” said Promote Systems CEO John R. Moran PhD, MD.

Promote GPS is compatible with the following DSLR cameras: Nikon D200, D300, D700, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, D3, D3X, as well as Fuji S5 Pro and IS Pro.

The Promote GPS retails for the suggested price of $149.00. It is immediately available for purchase at, as well as at select retailer locations.

Technical Information about the Promote GPS

The Promote GPS Receiver features the SiRF Star III chip, which excels at acquiring and maintaining a GPS signal lock. The GPS unit consumes less than 55mA from the camera, making it one of the most power-efficient GPS receivers available for Nikon and Fuji DSLR cameras. It will automatically power up and down along with camera exposure meter, allowing for further saving of the camera battery power. More information about the Promote GPS, including FAQs, technical specifications, and optional software downloads is available online at


Promote Systems, a division of Moran Research and Consulting, Inc, designs and manufactures digital photography accessories to streamline photographers’ workflow.

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