Remembering Loved Ones With Memorial Wind Chimes

By | April 19, 2014

It is never easy when you lose a loved one. Nothing anyone can say, will take away the pain that lingers inside the mind and the soul. However, time changes things, and when you do something to remember that special individual, it can help to keep their memory alive in your heart. Memorial wind chimes can be the perfect way to remember someone who will always be a part of your life.

Types to Consider

A special chime that sings in the wind can be a perfect reminder of someone. These items can be given as gifts, or you may wish to buy them for yourself. There are many kinds to choose from. Some of them have special messages printed on them. Many are in the shape of angels, and can provide special comfort whenever a gentle breeze passes over.

You can order these memorials with anything that you like printed on them. Many of them offer custom printing and design. This can be a very special gift to someone who is grieving or in mental anguish from suffering a great loss in their life.

Perhaps that special someone is known for gardening. The right chime can be the perfect decoration for a garden. They can be hung from a tree, or you may wish to place a special post just for the chime.

Memorial wind chimes can also be used to remember special animals and pets. After all, many pets become part of the family in short order. In fact, pets can often be an extremely large part of one’s life. When they are lost, one can suffer greatly. When you do something to remember one that has passed, it keeps a small part of them alive, and in some way they never leave you.

Making Your Own

You may wish to make your own chime, although it is much easier to buy them already made or custom designed. However, you may wish to buy a plain chime and transform it, also. For example, a loved one may be remembered for their fishing exploits. In this case, you might add a treasured lure or memento to the chime. You can also do this with memorial wind chimes that you buy. This can add a touch to make it a little more personal.


It can sometimes be difficult to find the right thing to remember someone by. Your local retailers may have a few items, but there may be limited selections. It may be a good idea to conduct an online search. You may be able to find a large assortment of items, and something that is just what you need, online.


Memorial wind chimes are a good way to remember someone special, who has passed on. Chimes come in many shapes and sizes, and with different sounds. Some can be custom printed for a special message. These products are excellent for animals as well as people. You may wish to customize your chime with special mementos, and shopping online may provide the widest choice of selections.

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