Sturgis Bike Rally Riders Unite on the Web to Form Sturgis Club

By | May 14, 2014

STURGIS, SOUTH DAKOTA — No longer do scooter riders and pencil pushing geeks dominate the web…for the dark clouds of smoke in the internet tailpipe have billowed out a new surge of power, Sturgis Club now reigns supreme-uniting the baddest bikers and the hottest biker babes of Sturgis Bike Week from across the world. Sturgis Club is the official fan club of the legendary motorcycle rally in Sturgis SD and the home of the exclusive Sturgis bikers known on the road and now on the web.

Sturgis Club – A Brouhaha to remember…

Sturgis Club and their powerful metal machines is not child’s play or just a hobby, it’s a way of life for the greatest bikers on earth. Not all can handle this ride, but to those that have what it takes to ride at the world’s most intense motorcycle rally do deserve to let your legacy ride on and group with the motorcycle superpower …join the official fan club, it’s your pass to Sturgis Club VIP All Access.

Sturgis Club VIP all access is your key to notoriety as a biker. Join and receive the following:

VIP Access to Sturgis Events and Promotions, Exclusive merchandise only available to members, inside access to the club website, Discounts on Sturgis merchandise (Even merchandise on other sites!) An Invitation to the Calendar Girl Party for Bike Week 2009 Sturgis Club Music and Media Portal Access Become a host or contributing member to the website. Find places to stay, search for things to do and chat with other bikers.

For those bikers out there ready to roam the Badlands, view hot biker chicks and rad motorcycle pictures, get Sturgis memorabilia, check on event information or meet other people like you, then sign up, rap a bandanna on your head, rip it full throttle and dodge that blackout when it comes.

The legacy of Sturgis dates back to the very first Rally in 1938. Truly earning its reputation as the Mecca of the motorcycling world, every August hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists start their road pilgrimage to Sturgis, South Dakota…where it all goes down to celebrate the most powerful tribe of mankind. An elite steel crew built of determination, dedication, skill and raw power. It is freedom, a lifestyle, a state of mind. The Motorcycle as their instrument brought to produce individuality and create chaos and Nirvana.

*** Only for the true and the tough, the ladies that love them and all that hold Riding as a way of life.***

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