Suzuki Made The 700 King Quad but VDI and NYROC Brought It To Life

By | June 15, 2014

ADVANCE, NC — Over the past year, development of a new, customizable electronic control unit (ECU) for fuel injected ATV engines has been in the works by Velocity Devices inc. (VDI). The first ever ECU was built step-by-step by VDI with the participation of members from WWW.NYROCATV.COM which is the most comprehensive web-based forum for ATV enthusiasts offering technical tips, discussions, and thousands of topics for any brand of ATV.

VDI utilized the industry’s largest forum of fuel injected King Quad owners at NYROC as a knowledgeable sounding board for the development of the VDI Copperhead ECU.
With over 3353 replies and 292,000 views on the ECU topic, NYROC members have been able to take part in the development process of the best performance enhancement product, available today for their machines.

The Copperhead ECU opens up hot potential for the big fuel injected engines of the Suzuki King Quad 700 and the Artic Cat 700 in a new way. The ability to tune the engine without limitations through the infinite mapping capabilities adds a new definition to getting the most, from your performance modifications.

The advantages of the Copperhead ECU mapping: 
• Heaps of torque
• Better throttle response
• More precise delivery of power
• Auto compensation for atmospheric conditions of temperature and pressure
• Removal of flat spots in the power band
• Precision mapping of timing advances for higher octane fuels

The ability to tune the engine with micro-precision has changed the concept of ATV performance enhancements. No matter what you change on your engine such as, pipes, camshaft, pistons, or higher-octane fuel, the engine can now be tuned to offer perfect throttle response, and very consistent power bands.

NYROC members have been anxiously awaiting the final release of the new customizable ECU by VDI. “The thought of having white knuckle power to pull the front wheels off the ground in an instant excites me” says one of the NYROC members. Notice of the VDI Copperhead shipment came on 7/11/07 as the first 250 units will be shipped to NYROC ATV members, and others that have been on the waiting list.

You can find out more about the VDI Copperhead ECU and other helpful information on NYROC ATV or Velocity Devices inc. at

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