The Jeep Wrangler blows its lid with Ursa Minor pop-top camper

By | May 20, 2014

Ursa Minor Vehicles hit the scene several years ago when it unveiled the E-Camper, a converted Honda Element inspired by classic Westfalia Volkswagen van-campers. Given that the VW Microbus was no longer available in the US, the E-Camper was conceived as a sort of modern-day alternative. Now that the Element has gone the way of the Microbus, Ursa Minor is focusing attention on its all new Jeep Camper line.

The Jeep Wrangler may not have Element conveniences like the flat, rubberized floor or hatchback, but it does have a few advantages over the Element – specifically, the ability to travel virtually anywhere on Earth. It’s certainly a versatile choice for exploring (and camping in) all kinds of environments.

One of two distinct Jeep Wrangler Unlimited kits that Ursa Minor offers, the J30 is a pop-up hard-top conversion that includes a bed for two adults. Unlike other Jeep-based pop-up campers, this one doesn’t rely on a separate shell, and it doesn’t require changing all that much of the Wrangler. Instead, it displaces the stock roof and blends in naturally with the Jeep. It adds just 6 inches (15 cm) to the vehicle’s stock height when closed.

Ursa Minor’s John Gish told us that the cabin interior of the Wrangler Unlimited remains stock during the conversion, with the exception of a new headliner. He said that Ursa isn’t able to do custom Jeep interiors yet, but customers and distributors are known to pursue their own visions.

The soft-sided pop-up camper is made from durable, breathable, water-resistant canvas. It includes a 7 x 4 foot (2.1 x 1.2 m) mattress and interior LED lighting. Zippered screen windows on all sides increase ventilation.

Unlike the Action Camper we covered a few months ago (which was put on hold in the US because of its high price), the Ursa Minor J30 camper is accessible to jeepers of more modest means. Ursa lists the base price at US$5,250. It began deliveries in May, and Gish estimates a six- to eight-week lead time between ordering and shipping.

Ursa Minor’s second Wrangler camper is the J180, which uses a fold-out roof tent. Pricing has yet to be listed for that model.

Source: Ursa Minor Vehicles

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